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How many calories do you burn deadlifting



One way to lose weight is to count calories, which you can keep track of with an app. But it’s hard to know exactly how many calories you burn doing a certain activity. Harvard Health Publishing says that a 125-pound person who lifts weights for 30 minutes burns about 90 calories, but that number increases as your weight increases. When you do deadlifts, the number of calories you burn can depend on your weight. It is not that simple; we have created our post to clear the confusion. Let’s know how many calories do you burn deadlifting.


How many calories do you burn deadlifting

When you do deadlifts, the number of calories you burn can depend on more than just your weight:

Deadlifting: A standard deadlift is an exercise that uses more than one joint, whereas the straight leg deadlift use only one joint. Lift. Because a standard deadlift uses more muscle groups, you can use more weight. The standard deadlift burns more calories than the straight-leg deadlift because you lift more weight and use more muscle groups.

Your size: Even though it seems counterintuitive, the more you weigh, the more calories you burn. If you lift weights when you weigh 220 pounds and then do the same workout when you weigh 180 pounds, you will burn more calories the first time because you are moving more weight through space.


Why deadlifts are good


Deadlifts can improve your health and fitness by strengthening your muscles and bones, lowering your body fat, and increasing your lean body mass.


Deadlifts are beneficial for people who run, bike, or ski downhill. A study published in July 2017 in the journal BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation found that deadlifts load the quadriceps the most when compared to split squats. 

Deadlifts also put more and more weight on the knees and hips over large ranges of motion, which is good for sports that use the quad muscles a lot.

Deadlifts help build muscle for sports like football and baseball that need short bursts of strength. MOJ Yoga & Physical Therapy published a review in April 2018 that said the deadlift is a good way to recruit muscle groups and allow for continued acceleration, both of which are important for power development.


Long jumpers might find this more useful than the squat. A review from the Journal of Yoga and Physiotherapy in August 2018 says that the deadlift could be better for horizontal sports than the squat because the load is applied perpendicular to the body and loaded in a horizontal plane.


Here are some tips to deadlift perfectly:

  • Keep your head slightly turned up.
  • Start with your lats.
  • Try to separate your knees.
  • Please focus on the weakest position to improve it in the long run.


Will I keep burning calories after deadlifts?

Yes, You will keep burning some calories after the deadlifts. The number of calories you burn while deadlifting is not the same as the total number of calories you burn because of your session. EPOC, which stands for “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption,” is the number of calories your body burns to get back to its original state after a strength-training workout, 


According to the American Council on Exercise. Your body must bring back oxygen levels, eliminate lactic acid buildup, and make new energy stores and many calories do you burn deadlifting

How hard you work when you deadlift determines the level of post-workout calorie burns. The deadlift’s intensity increases when you lift more weight and rest less between sets.


Can deadlift help with belly fat?


By itself, deadlifting won’t help you lose belly fat, but adding it to your workout will help a lot.


Get your body into a caloric deficit. It is the best way to lose belly fat. It is usually done by exercising more and eating less, creating a caloric deficit based on how many calories your body uses.

You will lose belly fat if you use the deadlift as part of a low-calorie diet. Because deadlifts use a lot of muscles, they help you burn the most calories and get into a calorie deficit.


Questions People Usually Ask




There are two main ways to lose weight. Muscle mass will grow if you lift heavier weights and do fewer reps (6–12 per set). It will speed up your metabolism and make it easier for your body to burn calories. Your body is forced to work aerobically when you lift lighter weights and do more reps (15–20 per set). It makes the body burn more calories.




Squats and deadlifts are good ways to build strength, burn calories, and lose weight. One exercise is not better than the other. Instead, both should be part of a well-rounded training program to build muscle and lose body fat. 


Deadlifting is a compound exercise that simultaneously works on many of the body’s major muscle groups. It simultaneously causes high levels of fat loss because it burns many calories. Deadlifts will also help you build more muscle, which will make you burn more calories and speed up your metabolism. 

Other benefits of deadlifting include improving cardiovascular endurance, core strength, natural hormone levels, and overall performance.


Final Thought:


In our post, we have already discussed that the number of calories you burn when you deadlift depends on several things, like the type of lift, your weight, and how hard you lift. 


If you add this difficult move to your weightlifting routine, you might get more overall strength and stronger legs.

We hope our post was informative and helpful to you.

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