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How much weight can you lose after wisdom teeth removal



People remove their wisdom teeth if it has a structural disorder or infection. Though the procedure is painless, It has a bad reputation. There is no prominent side effect, but many patients stated that they lost some weight. But the question is how much weight you can lose after wisdom teeth removal.

We have shared a detailed view in our post. Keep reading to find out more.


How much weight can you lose after wisdom teeth removal?


Wisdom tooth removal makes a face look thinner: The swelling has gone down, and the face looks smaller. Most people lose weight after wisdom teeth removal when they start to feel better because they have less appetite.


Depending on how your surgery went and how long it takes you to recover, you could lose up to 10% of your body weight. It is especially true if your jaw is prominent.

As we know, The doctor will advise you to drink liquids and eat soft, easy-to-swallow foods. The best things to eat are soups, smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, and mashed bananas.

If you don’t usually eat these foods and choose them instead of foods with a lot of calories, you might lose weight.

 Most of these foods are good for weight loss because they are high in water and low in calories.


A tooth extraction might also make you lose your appetite for a little while, which could cause you to lose weight. It is especially true if you are in pain and want to focus on relaxing and getting better.


Why you should not rely on wisdom teeth removal for weight loss


Remember that you won’t get a whole new body even if you lose a few pounds after getting a tooth pulled. If you want to lose weight, the best things you can do are eat well and work out regularly. Even though getting a tooth pulled can improve oral health, it won’t help you lose weight in the long term. So, it would help if you didn’t depend on it to help you lose weight.


 Also, losing weight in a short time is not suitable for your health, so talk to your dentist if this happens to you. We know how people keep looking for easy weight loss solutions. But we want to assure you this will not help you in the long run.

No matter how many teeth you have pulled out, if you keep eating unhealthy, You will not shed a single pound.


Why is proper nutrition more important after wisdom teeth removal?


After the wisdom teeth removal, the foods you should eat will be soft and easy to chew. That’s probably not news to you, but you shouldn’t use that as an excuse to eat milkshakes for a week.


It may have been a dream since childhood, but you need to eat foods high in minerals, vitamins, and protein to give you energy. These things will help you improve quickly and thoroughly after your procedure.

Here are foods we highly recommend you eat after wisdom teeth removal.


Greek Yogurt


If you have oral surgery, Greek yogurt is an excellent food to stock up on. It’s good for you, full of vitamins and minerals, and a great source of zinc and calcium. On top of that, Greek yogurt’s smooth and creamy texture can be very soothing to your sore mouth.


Studies have shown that foods with a lot of protein, like yogurt, can help people get better faster. These studies also found that healing took longer when people ate less protein. So, after wisdom teeth removal, please ensure you eat a lot of healthy protein.


Light Soups

Do you like tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches? Traditional blended soups like pumpkin and tomato are excellent food choices after your wisdom teeth removal.


They’re great to eat because they don’t have any solid foods, and it should be easy to find blended soups full of minerals and vitamins.

After your wisdom teeth removal, these are an excellent choice for lunch and will help you get the daily nutrition you need. Unfortunately, while your mouth heals, most whole fruits and vegetables will be too irritating to eat. You can also stay hydrated by eating blended soups.


Just be careful not to eat soup that is too hot to touch. It can be very annoying and even dangerous. We suggest you eat your blended soup at room temperature or even cold. 


Smooth Potatoes


Here’s another classic food you can eat after your impacted wisdom teeth are removed. The potato is a fantastic root vegetable that you can cook in various tasty ways.


We think you should have them mashed while healing from tooth removal. It will be a comforting meal full of the necessary calories and nutrients. Please keep in mind that your body will need a little more energy after wisdom tooth removal.

Eating the right mashed potatoes can get a lot of energy in just a few bites. During the healing process, you will be eating less than usual. It is s very important. We suggest you eat your mashed potatoes at room temperature or cold.


How to manage weight loss from wisdom teeth removal?


If you are worried about your weight from wisdom teeth removal, we have shared some tips to recover from it. Check them below.


  • Eat more meals and small snacks.
  • Use whole milk, half milk, and half cream to make puddings or milkshakes.
  • For soups, milk drinks, and puddings, you can add four tablespoons of skim milk powder to each cup of milk.
  • Add more fat to the soup (butter, margarine, oil) and high-fat foods.




Finally, we have come to the end of our post. Today we discussed how much weight you can lose after wisdom teeth removal, what kind of food you should eat and why you should not depend on wisdom teeth removal for weight loss.


As we have already mentioned, if weight loss is your primary goal, follow a healthy lifestyle with proper exercise. That is all for today. We hope our post was informative and helpful.

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